Weight loss… everyone’s favorite subject. (including mine)

This topic conjures up so many emotions!  Many people struggle with their weight and overindulgence and a lack of exercise are not the only reasons!  I have yet to meet someone who is excited about the traditional ‘low-calorie” diet.  While this works, to a degree, usually once the starvation ceases, the weight packs back on and so the “yo-yo” begins. 

COVID-19 threw a monkey wrench into my exercise as well and nutrition habits.  I am not a self-starter when it comes to exercise.  I find the shared misery, (being dramatic) comradery, and social aspect of group exercise programs works best for me.   When the gyms closed, and a “new normal” of limited activity and “work from home” life set in, many let their good dietary habits falter.  As the global obesity epidemic continues, so does the search for easy and rapid weight loss solutions for those of us who “fell off the wagon.”  Unfortunately, there is rarely one simple fix.  In fact, it often seems quite the opposite with the internet touting one “sure to work” plan after the other.  Some recent research supports things like a Keto Diet, a Paleo lifestyle, or Intermittent Fasting.  However, those can require a fair amount of education to be done correctly.  There are also ways to “jumpstart” healthy eating staring with a detox, often also referred to as a cleanse.   

While there is no standard definition, the word cleanse implies cleaning or getting rid of impurities.  To many people, the goal of the cleanse process is to remove something from their diet or lifestyle to facilitate weight loss. These programs are for short-term use, usually lasting anywhere from one to 30 days.  I am not really a fan of cleanses for weight loss because of the yo-yo principle.  A cleanse works best when the goal is to help the body remove toxins which improves overall health.  A side effect of getting rid of toxins can be weight loss, but it should not be the prime reason!  In fact, used as a transition program before beginning a “diet program,” a cleanse can dramatically improve the results of the new diet.  Clinical research shows that most people are toxic.  We are awash in a sea of chemicals which ends up in our bodies via the food and liquids consumed, or exposure from environmental pollutants. 

Common food and environmental contaminates:  

  • Farming contaminates like herbicides, pesticides, fungicides.  Anything the plants take up from the soil/water/air, ends up in the food eaten!  
  • Food additives:  A host of added chemicals are added to reduce the cost of producing the product and extend the shelf life.  Additives can be added to “improve” the color, taste, texture, or general appeal of the product.
  • Food Processing/Industrial Production Practices:  We have all heard processed foods are bad for you.  Too much refined sugar, the wrong types of fats, and a lack of vitamins and minerals make these foods unhealthy.  
  • Environmental: Out gassing of paints, furniture, car interiors, plastics, carpeting or clothing all pose health risks.  The leaching of chemicals from cookware, food storage containers into the food is also a common problem. 
  • Health and Beauty products: Most products have moved away from all-natural formulas to heavy reliance on chemicals.  Dish/laundry detergents, makeup, toothpaste, deodorants/antiperspirants, soap/shampoo, perfume/cologne, are but a few major sources of harmful chemicals in your everyday life.

In my research into good cleanse support products, I was introduced to Designs for Health.  This product line is based on Functional Nutrition and Functional Medical philosophies.  These science-based holistic supplements are designed for people concerned with lifestyle change and not just yo-yo dieting.  They are backed up by clinical studies and their ingredient sourcing is superior. The product line is classified as medical grade food and is only available through a doctor’s office. This means the quality is superior to anything available on the internet or the big box store!

VegeCleanse Plus™ is a self-contained program that I highly recommend which will help put your body into a receptive state to detoxify and generally lose weight.  It will jumpstart any “diet program” or new exercise program you may want to start.  The skinny (pun intended) is your body expends large amounts of energy when performing complex digestive functions.  Your body stores toxins in body fat and it requires energy to safely detox the cells so they can be used for energy.  Over time, our toxic load increases.     In this cleanse product, detoxification is enhanced via vitamin/mineral supplements which provide the nutrients needed to support and promote healthy liver function and elimination of toxins.  Click here for further information about this product including the contents etc.

If you are struggling with your New Year’s resolution to lose weight and eat better, consider joining me for a detox cleanse first. Firm Foundation Chiropractic can help you take control of your weight loss experience with science-based products and I will be working on lightening my toxic load right along with you. We can chat the next time you are in!  Let’s do this.