Anthony – Cervical Decompression

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My name is Anthony and I’ve been a patient of Dr. Davis for many years.  I had several accidents in my teen age years which require me to get frequent neck adjustments.  Because of this care, I can continue to working at a very active job and the adjustments improve my overall quality of life. 

Recently, I injured myself at work and experienced a dramatic increase in neck pain, headaches, and a now numbness and tingling in my arm and hand.  This episode was not responding to my regular adjustments and was lingering, making it hard to sleep and do my job.  Dr. Davis added cervical decompression to my normal routine and after three treatments; all of the pain, tingling and additional neck muscle problems were gone!  I’m now back to my regular care.  I can’t say enough about the neck decompression, and thank you Dr. Davis!