Weight loss… everyone’s favorite subject. (including mine) This topic conjures up so many emotions!  Many people struggle with their weight and overindulgence and a lack of exercise are not the only reasons!  I have yet to meet someone who is excited about the traditional ‘low-calorie” diet.  While this works, to a degree, usually once the starvation ceases, the…

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Snow Shoveling Tips

Winter in Iowa means snow!  I just spent two days shoveling and pushing a snow blower myself and I was immediately reminded of all the opportunities to injure my back while doing it.  It does not matter if it is a couple of inches or 15 inches after a blizzard, safe shoveling techniques matter to keep us…

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Christmas Allergies

I know this post is a little late… but I just had a conversation with a patient today as well as several other people during the holiday season.  The hot topic was seasonal allergies caused by Christmas decorations.  Yes, my tree (which is a live tree) is still up but is coming down shortly!  The holiday season for…

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Introducing MODERE Live Clean

Better products that remove toxic ingredients from your daily life thereby enhancing health and wellbeing! What Household Products Are You Using That Are Silently Exposing Your Body To Needless Toxic Chemicals? If you would like to order products and would like help setting up an account, please call the clinic at 515-440-2005. When ordering any…

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Take the PaleoDetox & Lean Body Challenge

Weight Loss

Unsatisfied with Your Current Weight? Why not try something that is Easy Proven Results Great Tasting   May help with: Digestion Joint Pain Headaches Fatigue Inflammation Proper Weight loss Moods Skin conditions   The PaleoCleanse & Paleo Lean Body programs are $280 for both which is a significant value! You also have the option to…

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Osteoporosis is Not a Disease!


Imagine walking into the doctor’s office for an “age 50 routine check-up,” feeling absolutely fine only to be told you suddenly have a “bone disease” called osteoporosis. As you leave, the doctor hands you a prescription for one of the many toxic and often useless bone drugs. By the time you get to the parking…

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Exciting News from Firm Foundation Chiropractic!

In and ongoing effort to bring better health care to our patients, Firm Foundation Chiropractic (FFC) is happy to announce it is partnering with Designs for Health (DFH) to supply your supplement needs. FFC chose to partner with this particular company as a result of its commitment to industry leading standards in the field of…

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Transitions – Dr. Greg Norton

Dr. Greg Norton

It is a bitter sweet moment for Firm Foundation Chiropractic as Dr. Greg Norton announces his retirement from private practice to take a position at the VA Hospital in Iowa City providing chiropractic care to veterans. Dr. Norton’s brother was a colonel in the army and passed away after a long struggle with ALS. Although…

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The Holiday Rat Race: The Keys to Painless Travel


Planes, Trains, Minivans and Busses Oh My! [pmc_box border_color=”#adadad” text_color=”#000″ background_color=”#ededed” ]No matter if it is road, rail or air travel, long hours can leave anyone stressed, tired, stiff and sore. Read travel tips for arriving in better shape, and how to maintain your neck and back during the in a relaxed and pain-free state![/pmc_box]…

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