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Headache Testimonial

My name is Sue and I am a long time patient of Dr. Michael Davis of Firm Foundation Chiropractic.  I am writing the following testimonial because of the amazing difference chiropractic adjustments has made in the quality of my life.

About ten years ago, I developed bad headaches and very stiff muscles in my left shoulder and neck.  I tried several chiropractors over the years with mixed results.  My headaches were tolerable and the neck stiffness was better but still present with the care I received.

I began seeing Dr. Davis two and a half years ago and after a thorough examination and initial course of corrective care,   I was headache free for the first time in years and the neck stiffness was relieved.  This was the first time I had full resolution of symptoms with chiropractic adjustments.

Routine Care

Due to degenerative changes in the bones and discs of my neck, Dr. Davis explained I would be a good candidate for regular maintenance care.  I was resistant at first wanting to save money, but when my headaches and neck stiffness returned, I sought relief through chiropractic adjustments.

Dr. Davis explained in detail the cause of my problems and how it affected my quality of life. Presently, Dr. Davis helps keep my headaches at bay with monthly wellness chiropractic adjustments and although Medicare does not always approve coverage for these adjustments, I find the relief from headaches and neck stiffness to be well worth the adjustment cost.

I have found the chiropractic adjustments administered by Dr. Davis to be more effective than those of other chiropractors by whom I have been treated.  Dr. Davis is an excellent and very knowledgeable chiropractor and I definitely recommend him.

Thank you, Dr. Davis, for your excellent chiropractic care!

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