Hit Reset Before the New Year

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Ready to hit reset after the long holiday weekend?

If you are anything like the typical American, Halloween is the beginning of your downward holiday weight gain spiral.

The good news is you can make today the first day of your clean start. Instead of indulging at the endless Christmas/New Year’s parties, perhaps you might consider a little preemptive dietary strike.

Right now, all that candy is being processed through the body, which means a ton of toxic artificial junk is needing to be excreted. The thing most people don’t realize is that your body was already struggling with toxicity before the Halloween candy…

The environment in which we live our lives is increasingly more toxic.

Many of the persistent organic pollutants (POPs) did not exist as little as 30 years ago. The toxins are introduced into our food as herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, and industrial food additives/preservatives.

Toxins from the manufacturer of many of the modern conveniences like plastics, paints, furniture, cars and even our clothing are slowly entering our bodies through the air we breathe and the water we drink. Over time the natural processes we use to excrete toxins becomes overwhelmed and toxins become trapped in our bodies which negatively impacts health.

Organ function, hormone production, weight gain and a general lack of energy are all signs that your vitality has been impacted.

Detoxification requires energy and most people simply do not have the necessary energy due to poor diet. This means the fat stores in your body act as reservoirs for the excess toxins until such time as the body has some excess energy to deal with them.

As you well know, this doesn’t happen often and the fat becomes trapped on your frame due to toxicity!

So perhaps you do not want to head down your typical holiday weight binging path and instead want to end up in a position of strength on New Year’s?

Consider a 14-day detoxification cleanse today from Designs for Health!

A detoxification plan should be easy to complete, effective at freeing up digestive energy for toxin processing, and safe to use with limited negative side effects.

Simply replace breakfast and lunch with a detoxification shake and eat a sensible meal at dinner. In between shakes and dinner, add in sensible snacks as needed to keep the metabolism high.
Sensible meals and snacks follow the Paleo diet guidelines which reduces toxic load in the food eaten, increases the nutrients, avoids the “wrong types of foods that sap vitality, and enhances the detoxification process.

While this detox/Paleo 14-day plan is not designed for weight loss, many patients do experience weight loss in addition to increased vitality.

The Designs for Health product line is far superior in terms of quality and results compared against any other commercially available products from the big box nutrition stores, which is why I carry it at Firm Foundation.

It is a medical grade food sourced from organic ingredients with extensive scientific study to support their detoxification claims. This line of products is only available through your doctor which speaks volumes as to the quality and the difference between regular detoxification products.

Why put off getting healthy until after the holidays? Take charge of your life and take the 14-day detox challenge at Firm Foundation Chiropractic!

Stop by to grab your detox kit this week!