headache sue des moines

My name is Jill and I have been a patient of Dr. Davis for several years.  I’m a triathlete with a desk job, both of which can be hard on the body in different ways.  I originally sought care for neck/shoulder pain and stiffness.  Dr. Davis helped me resolve my long-term problems in those areas.  While seeing him for those ailments, I started asking him about my exercise aches and pains.  He patiently explained how a spine misalignment can cause pain in knees, ankles and tight hamstring muscles. 

I have found a lot of value in coming in for treatments on a regular basis.  Just recently, I was having wrist pain from too much computer/mouse use at work and from training on the bike.  At my monthly visit, I mentioned my pain in passing to Dr. Davis.  I guess I was stuck in the old mindset that chiropractors are just for the spine/back.  I was amazed when he did an adjustment to my wrist and my pain was literal gone.  I only needed one more adjustment a few weeks later and I have not had any issues with my wrist since then.  Dr. Davis reminded me that he is able to help with any joint.  He also advised me to change my bike handle bar grips to prevent further aggravation. 

Dr. Davis has also helped me realize that addressing pain relatively quickly is always better than trying to just wait and see if it goes away.  Those pain signals are being sent for a reason, so better to address the cause, than just living or exercising with the pain.  I know that I have stayed healthier because of my regular visits to Dr. Davis and I feel better doing the things that I love.

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