My name is Marguerite and I have been a patient of Dr. Davis for over four years.  I was diagnosed by my chiropractor many years ago with a thinning lumbar disc that was herniated.   About 5 years ago, I found that the adjustments were not providing me with much relief as they had in the past.   I was having tremendous pain and restriction to normal daily activities which was very scary. 

My medical doctor suggested lumbar fusion surgery.  I was then in my early 80’s and x-rays confirmed that my disc was worse due to normal age related degeneration in my back.  At this point I was having trouble walking and bending due to intense pain so I was considering the surgery.  I happened to read an article about spinal decompression and how it really helped herniated discs.    I looked around and finally found The Ferezy Clinic which Dr. Davis was working for at that time. 

I began lumbar decompression therapy for several weeks and experienced amazing results!  I was like a new lady free from the debilitating pain and I didn’t need surgery!  I was very worried about surgery as I’m older and didn’t think I would survive it and the prognosis for back surgery is very poor.  I now require about one decompression session a month and this has saved me from major surgery and reduced my pain to almost nothing.  It has given me back my life and allows me to live unassisted and to lead an active life.  I’m so grateful to Dr. Ferezy and to Dr. Davis who took the time to educate me and to work with my serious back problem.  I can’t say enough about the wonders of lumbar decompression that I receive at Firm Foundation Chiropractic!

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