New Beginnings

I am frequently asked the question “Why did you choose to be a chiropractor?”  In reflecting on these interactions, I frequently fall back on one of the following responses:

Sometimes I focus on the Central Nervous System and how it is the master controller of coordinating all processes in the entire body.  Sometimes I talk about the philosophy of “above, down, and inside out”.  We were designed by a higher power (above).  Our body functions are hard wired into the brain and nervous system to maintain internal balance (down).  The outward expression of this regulation is good health (inside out).  Sometimes in my response, I discuss the body as a self-healing and self-regulating organism which needs constant tending.  Diet, exercise, and chiropractic care all help the body to express health.

All of these responses, while true, just don’t capture the true essence of why I chose this vocation.  What then, IS the ultimate reason why I became a chiropractor?  I’ve been thinking about a conversation I had with a patient recently.  He himself had a very successful career with one of the largest financial services companies in the world.  I felt I owed him more than just one of my stock answers and then it really hit me.  I am a chiropractor because I am passionate about helping people take their health to the next level.  This is also why I enjoy teaching anatomy and physiology to nursing students at the university level.  I experience a profound joy when it comes to helping others to understand how their health works, how it will impact their lives long term, when they start to experience great health as a result of simple lifestyle changes that they previously had not understood.

Some of my patients first visit Firm Foundation Chiropractic when they are completely out of shape.  Others are extremely active, in fact some may have just completed a Triathlon.  In EVERY case, patients can continue to improve their health.  It is true some of us have more improving to do than others… but MY motivation is to help YOU get yourself to the next level…whatever that means for you.

This time of year, it is typical for us to create goals.  We tell ourselves “THIS year will be different”.  The number one resolution each and every year is weight loss.  In fact, it has been for me for several years now!  Most of the reason we may have failed in this in years past is due to a lack of understanding on how to go about the process.  It is not as simple as working out on a regular basis.  Diets, just don’t work.  I’ve participated in many sessions of “boot camp” style work outs with mixed results.  After intense study over the past few years, I found that to maximize results, we need a plan that will create a routine that creates habits and develops and true lifestyle changes occur.  To accomplish this, it is helpful to have tools to enhance the process for greater results.  In the next 2 months, I am committed to helping my patients by providing access to some important tools.

The partnership of Firm Foundation and Designs for Health (DFH) will bring you a weight loss plan that addresses the primary reasons people fail in their weight loss goals.  Incorporating DFH products with personal knowledge I have gained over the past few years will provide patients with the knowledge and practical application that will equip them to succeed.

I will be joining all of you in these efforts and sharing my experience with you along the way.  I will chronicle my experience with before and after photos and a weekly blog recapping the experiences of the week.

Here are the details of what I have put together for us:

Step 1 Detoxification with PaleoCleanse Plus (14 days):

We live in a sea of chemicals.  They are in our food and water, common hygiene products, in the furniture and rugs of our surroundings as well as the very air we breathe.  Whenever toxins enter the body and can’t be excreted immediately, they are stored in body fat.  Research shows that when we lose fat, these toxins are released back into circulation and may cause negative symptoms, health problems, and may make it more difficult to lose weight.  Therefore, a natural cleanse or detoxification program is essential for healthy weight loss.  When done properly, most people will experience increased energy levels, reduced cravings for sweets and other junk foods, and an overall feeling of enhanced wellness.  This makes it easier to work out and limit the fatigue and negative symptoms like extreme soreness which cause us to lose our momentum.

Step 2 Retraining the Appetite with PaleoMeal Plus Lean Body Program (14 days):

This program will support healthy weight loss and successful weight maintenance by helping you lose fat while maintaining lean muscle.  It also promotes satiety, reduces cravings, maintains energy levels and promotes healthy blood sugar balance.  The program is easy to follow, which promotes high compliance and great outcomes.

To kick off this one month program, you are invited to attend an information session.  This session is designed to dispel common diet misconceptions about detox and weight loss.  At the end of the session, there will be a Q&A session so participants can leave with all the information they need to be successful.

As a final note, there is no magic replacement for exercise.  I prefer guided exercise programs like Farrell’s eXtreme Body Shaping that combine cardio with resistance activities to encourage increase in lean body mass during weight loss.  Most of us need some sort or guided program to keep us from getting bored.  The added benefit of team participation really helps to motivate.

****DFH products are all non GMO (Genetically Modified).  They contain specific minerals and vitamins that allow enhanced detoxification.  They contain liver nutrients, antioxidants, plant fiber, and are alkalizing which addresses a host of health concerns.  In addition to weight loss, participants can expect to benefit in all or many of the following areas:

  • Increased energy
  • Deeper sleep
  • Reduced joint pain
  • Better focus and memory
  • Improved sex drive

I will be offering the PaleoCleanse and Lean Body programs for $299 for both (a $360 value) through the end of January.  Each kit includes shake packets, medical grade supplement packet and an instruction and nutrition guide.  The information session, facilitated by Kristin Klaus from DFH, will be included in the program at no additional charge.  Kristin will also be available to you during the cleanse and weight loss time periods to answer questions and clarify concerns as they may arise.  This added service is also free of charge.

Call the office (515-440-2005) to reserve your kits and register for our kick off class taking place the week of January 25th.  I look forward to having you join me in this journey and in a jump start to a great 2016 and beyond!

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