Life with Chiropractic Quiz

What is the main difference between traditional medicine and chiropractic?

  1. The training and education are more extensive for MD's
  2. The focus of the chiropractor is different than that of the MD
  3. Chiropractors work under the direction of MD's

How long does it take for degeneration to set in in the spine?

  1. 6 months
  2. 5 years
  3. 10 years
  4. 1 year

Why don't chiropractors use drugs to treat patients?

  1. They should because drugs stop pain and heal problems
  2. Drugs are universally safe and proven. They should use them.
  3. The chiropractic philosophy has a different focus
  4. They don't have extensive knowledge about drugs

How does your body get sick?

  1. Become chilled like sleeping in front of a fan
  2. By lowering the body's resistance
  3. Introduce the bacteria, virus or other agent into the mouth, nose or eyes
  4. Come into close contact with someone who is ill

What causes allergies?

  1. Your body's overactive immune response
  2. Too much exposure to pollen, molds, or other allergens
  3. Some areas are "dirtier" and this leads to allergies

What are autoimmune diseases caused by?

  1. Too little medication needed by the body to combat an illness
  2. Drug resistant microorganisms
  3. Your body's overactive immune system

What are hypokinetic diseases?

  1. Too little movement of the body leading to disease
  2. Not enough energy in the body which causes illness
  3. Too few calories in the diet which leads to sickness

How does chiropractic help with illness, allergies, autoimmune dysfunction, and hypokinetic disease?

  1. The adjustment is magic
  2. Restoring body function by removing nervous system interference
  3. It can't that is why traditional medicine does so well