Symptoms Quiz Answers

Are a runny nose, congestion, sneezing and coughing signs of illness or health?

  1. Health
    Fever, congestion, coughing, sneezing, and a runny nose are all natural responses of the body. The idea is to make the environment less hospitable for the microorganism. Sometimes the symptoms can be hard to live with, but they do help the body to defeat the illness.
  2. It's time for medication
  3. Illness

What is pain?

  1. A lack of medication
  2. A sure sign of subluxation
  3. Your body's way of letting you know something is not right
    Your body can't communicate with you directly so it does so through pain. It is like a check engine light on the car dashboard. It really gets your attention and lets you know that something is not right in the body.
  4. A sure sign of illness

What is the most common problem associated with subluxation?

  1. A "pinched nerve"
  2. Nerve irritation causing hyper or hypo function
    Nerve impingement is a loose term meaning nervous system interference which is the most common problem associated with subluxations. Brain signals don't reach their target organs properly. Information from receptors does not reach the brain properly causing dis-ease in the system. Loss of normal function cause symptoms like weakness, inflammation, and pain. Complete loss of function can result in extreme cases.
  3. Herniation
  4. Inflammation and pain

Most of your nervous system energy is devoted to what function?

  1. Monitoring and maintaining homeostasis in the body
    Your brain is monitoring all of the processes going on inside your body. It is in charge of maintaining proper balance to prevent damage to body systems. This monitoring is done every few seconds 24 hours a day.
  2. Monitoring sensory sensation data like pain, touch, and vibration
  3. Storage of information like language, memories, and processes like math ability

Can I discontinue chiropractic care after one visit if the pain goes away?

  1. Yes, because I'm sure the doctor is just making money off of me
  2. No, pain is often the final step in the subluxation complex
    Pain is often the last symptom to show up when there is a problem. It also is the first symptom to disappear with chiropractic care. To prevent a return to pain, the underlying cause must be addressed and that is subluxation and nervous system dysfunction.
  3. Yes, as soon as symptoms go away, I'm cured

Why should I continue chiropractic care on a regular basis?

  1. To maximize nervous system performance
    The primary function of chiropractic adjustment is nervous system maintenance. This allows the body to heal itself and maintain a high degree of health.
  2. To help remain pain free
  3. To help my chiropractor get rich
  4. To correct pre-subluxations

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