Acute Injury Management Care

After an accident or injury, it is always a good idea to get you spine aligned.  Many accidents involve significant forces that the body must absorb and they usually cause misalignment to occur.  These in turn cause sore muscles, aches, pain, and dysfunction in the body.  Studies show that uncorrected misalignments sustained after an accident leads to increased degenerative processes in both the bones and discs of the spine.  Changes in the bones can be seen on x-rays in as little time as 1 year post trauma.  Once the muscle sprain/strain symptoms resolve, the silent degenerative process begins and a patient may not experience pain until several years have passed and the degeneration is severe.  By using manual adjusting techniques, the bones are realigned allowing the nervous system to encourage healing.  Ultra sound therapy is often used to reduce the symptoms of muscle and ligament sprain/strain and to break the pain cycle to speed recovery.  It is the goal of Firm Foundation Chiropractic to return you to your pre-injury state as quickly as possible and to arrest any degenerative processes before they start.