Four Quick Meals for Friday

When Friday finally rolls around, it comes with a big sigh of relief. We made it through another busy work week complete with kid’s activities and all the extracurricular activities that consume daily life. I’ve talked about menu planning before with many patients which helps formulate a plan ahead of time and allows us to…

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The Chiropractic Cocktail Trick

After completing several rigorous semesters of anatomy, physiology, organic and biochemistry at chiropractic school, my fellow students and I were feeling very educated and a bit cocky in terms of our knowledge base. After all, we had survived some very hard classes and very demanding professors! The next semester I took a class on chiropractic…

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Back Pain Due to Disc Problems: What Are the Causes and Possible Treatments?

Back pain from degenerative disc disease or disc herniation is caused by a combination of injury, a change in the biomechanics of the spine (postural problems) and accelerated degenerative processes. This leads to instability and inflammation/irritation. Instability leads to muscle guarding/stiffness, muscle fatigue and finally spasm. An inflamed disc reproduces pain internally, in vertebral bones…

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headache sue des moines

Headache Testimonial My name is Sue and I am a long time patient of Dr. Michael Davis of Firm Foundation Chiropractic.  I am writing the following testimonial because of the amazing difference chiropractic adjustments has made in the quality of my life. About ten years ago, I developed bad headaches and very stiff muscles in…

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Do Chiropractors Cure Pain?

decompression traction chiropractic des moines

Curing and Relieving Pain I frequently get asked the question, “How do chiropractors “cure” back or neck pain?” The short answer is chiropractors do not “cure” back or neck pain, but rather remove impediments to your body’s natural healing process which then allows your own body to heal itself. There are many causes of neck…

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The Key To Quality Of Life


What differentiates chiropractic from other forms of health care is the ability to detect and correct the underlying cause of poor health. Chiropractors have the necessary training to find misalignments of the vertebrae known as subluxations. Most ailments in humans begin with reduction in nervous system function which occurs with subluxation.

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