The Chiropractic Cocktail Trick

After completing several rigorous semesters of anatomy, physiology, organic and biochemistry at chiropractic school, my fellow students and I were feeling very educated and a bit cocky in terms of our knowledge base. After all, we had survived some very hard classes and very demanding professors! The next semester I took a class on chiropractic…

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Back Pain Due to Disc Problems: What Are the Causes and Possible Treatments?

Back pain from degenerative disc disease or disc herniation is caused by a combination of injury, a change in the biomechanics of the spine (postural problems) and accelerated degenerative processes. This leads to instability and inflammation/irritation. Instability leads to muscle guarding/stiffness, muscle fatigue and finally spasm. An inflamed disc reproduces pain internally, in vertebral bones…

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7 Ways to Be Prepared for the Holiday Season


The holiday season is for cozy gatherings with friends and family. After all, this is the time of year when we celebrate the hard work and the closing of the year.  Typically, this is done with food around a festive table which can get a little excessive if we are not careful! My wife Christina and…

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7 Ways to Take Care of Yourself this Fall

spinal decompression-fall

Can you smell it? Fall is in the air. The leaves are turning and a new season is definitely here. There’s nothing like a seasonal transition to make changes in your life. I’d love to share a handful of things you can think about on your wellness journey! Will you share what ones resonate the…

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headache sue des moines

Headache Testimonial My name is Sue and I am a long time patient of Dr. Michael Davis of Firm Foundation Chiropractic.  I am writing the following testimonial because of the amazing difference chiropractic adjustments has made in the quality of my life. About ten years ago, I developed bad headaches and very stiff muscles in…

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