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What differentiates chiropractic from other forms of health care is the ability to detect and correct the underlying cause of poor health. Chiropractors have the necessary training to find misalignments of the vertebrae known as subluxations. Most ailments in humans begin with reduction in nervous system function which occurs with subluxation.


The Source of Good Health

The body is a vastly complicated biomechanical machine. Like any complex system, a computer (the brain) is in charge of decision making. The brain and spinal cord regulate all of the body processes required to keep you alive and healthy.

The Spine

The spine is made of 24 movable vertebrae. Muscles and ligaments are attached to these bones to provide flexibility. Each vertebra forms a series of joints with the vertebrae above and below and the ribs and the sacrum.

The Nervous System

Spinal nerves exit between the bones at each vertebral level. Nerves carry vital messages from the brain to the muscles, internal organs, and the skin.

“The nervous system holds the key to the body’s incredible potential to heal itself.”

Nerve Flow Interruption

Spinal nerves are easily irritated. The messages traveling along the nerves become distorted. When the messages arrive garbled, the tissues lose normal function. Subluxations are simply bones that are out of place and cause this nerve flow interruption.

Untreated subluxations lead to:

  • Nerve Impingement
  • Muscle Cramping
  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Degenerative Changes


Pain Is Not An Indicator

Here is a little know fact about subluxations: 18% of all nerve fibers in the human body are designed to produce pain when that specific nerve is being pinched. The remainder 82% are not designed to produce pain when a nerve is being pinched. Which means you could have a subluxation in your body and not even realize it.

Pain Can Be Misleading…

Pain is usually the last symptom in a long chain of events that began with the misalignment. Often loss of nerve function, stiffness, inflammation, decrease in range of motion, and muscle tightness precede pain. Some functions in the body, even when interrupted, do not result in pain leaving a person unaware that a problem exists.

True Health

Only when the body has a fully functional nervous system free from subluxations can one experience true health.

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