headache sue des moines

My name is Tyler and I’m a 16 year old student involved in both baseball and golf. My mom brought me to see Dr. Davis for the first time almost two years ago when I was having a lot of lower back pain while sitting in the desks at school.  Dr. Davis said I was seriously out of alignment and that was causing my pain.  He explained what he was going to do while he stretched my back muscles a little bit.  I was a bit nervous but he told me to take a deep breath as he adjusted my spine. Once my pelvis and vertebrae were aligned, I experienced instant relief. 

I have continued to visit Dr. Davis about once a month because participating in sports involves a lot of twisting and intense training.  This added to the bad school desks really effects my lower back.  I have found everything is better after getting adjusted.  I have better range of motion and no pain or stiffness after my appointments which helps me to be a better athlete as well as student.  Those desks continue to be uncomfortable but Dr. Davis has given me some exercises, stretches and tips on the best ways to sit (no slouching) so I can keep feeling good.  It is so much easier to concentrate when you are not in pain!

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